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Maintaining Your EZREAL Electric Bicycle: Essential Tips for Longevity

November 17, 2023

A reliable electric bike can transform your experience much like a powerful wand in Harry Potter's life. At EZREAL, we've compiled essential maintenance practices for electric bicycles. Mastering these tips is pivotal in ensuring your EZREAL bike stays in peak condition, delivering optimal performance and longevity.

  1. 1. Transmission System Maintenance:

  2. Lubrication is key here. Regularly apply lubricant, especially to the chain after encountering water or rain. Keep the chain well-oiled for optimal sensitivity. Additionally, ensure the active parts of the front and rear derailleurs receive frequent oiling. Choose a rust-proof bicycle lubricant for the chain and derailleurs. While regular engine oil can suffice, its effectiveness might be limited. For rusty chains, clean rust spots with a kitchen cleaner, then wash the chain in diesel for a full restoration.

2. Brake System Maintenance: 

Vital for personal safety during rides. Regularly check and maintain the sensitivity and reliability of all moving parts. Monitor brake pad wear and stroke clearance, keeping both sides of the brake pads within a 2-3 mm range. Adjustments outside this range can compromise braking efficiency or increase riding effort. Replace brake pads when the surface grooves are worn to ensure optimal sensitivity and safety.

3. Cable Care: 

Brake and shift cables accumulate dust and moisture, especially in rainy conditions, leading to potential corrosion. If corrosion occurs, remove the wire, apply a coating of grease around it, and reassemble. Re-grease the cables annually, at most every two years, to maintain their functionality.

4. Proper Tire Inflation: 

Maintain adequate tire pressure to prevent increased resistance and tire wall damage. Over or under-inflation can lead to elasticity loss or tire damage during rides, reducing their lifespan.

5. Component Maintenance: 

Clean the electroplated parts with a dry cloth and apply neutral oil for protection. Use a feather duster on the body paint film, avoiding oil application or exposure to direct sunlight. Avoid varnishing painted surfaces with car wax to prevent paint damage. Regularly lubricate bike shafts, flywheels, front forks, and pedals while using thin oil for flywheels. Annually clean these parts with kerosene for maintenance.

6. Avoid Using Sewing Machine Oil: 

Thin lubricants like sewing machine oil dilute existing grease on axles, reducing their lubricating and rust prevention properties.

Mastering these EZREAL electric bike maintenance tips ensures your bike's durability. Ride your EZREAL electric bicycle with joy and explore the world! Stay tuned to EZREAL for weekly updates on the latest electric bike knowledge.

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