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Not All eBike Batteries Are Created Equal: Don't Make the Mistake of Buying the Wrong Parts

February 19, 2024

The Bosch motor system has garnered widespread favor among electric bike brands, with its exclusive Power Tube battery pack boasting impressive technological prowess. Not only does it seamlessly integrate with the bike frame, but it also maintains a commendable balance between weight and range.

Many enthusiasts are aware that the Power Tube battery pack comes in various versions, differing in capacity and external dimensions. However, what may not be widely known is the substantial variance between horizontally and vertically mounted Power Tube batteries.

Since the inception of Bosch's first concealed battery, the company has provided two battery integration solutions for electric bike manufacturers to seamlessly incorporate the battery pack into the frame. However, distinguishing between horizontally and vertically mounted batteries can be confusing. The following points can help you quickly discern the differences between the two:

1. Clear External Differences with Similar Internal Structure:

While these two types of batteries are easily distinguishable externally, their internal components remain essentially the same. They share identical charging ports, power supplies, and battery level indicators. Both types also utilize the same internal design.

Manufacturers often choose between these two battery orientations based on the overall shape of the frame and the cross-sectional shape of the downtube. Owners can also make simple judgments; if the battery is removed from above or below the downtube, it's generally a horizontally mounted battery. Conversely, if it's taken out from the side of the downtube, it's typically a vertically mounted battery.

2. Width and Height Differentiate the Two:

Interestingly, the volume of Bosch's horizontally and vertically mounted Power Tube batteries remains the same. However, their width and height are "swapped." This approach allows Bosch to reduce production costs, ultimately making the batteries more affordable. Below are detailed dimension comparisons:

Power Tube 400 / PowerTube 500

- Horizontal Battery Dimensions: 349 x 84 x 65 mm

- Vertical Battery Dimensions: 349 x 65 x 84 mm

PowerTube 625

- Horizontal Battery Dimensions: 416 x 84 x 65 mm

- Vertical Battery Dimensions: 416 x 65 x 84 mm

PowerTube 500 Smart System

- Horizontal Battery Dimensions: 345 x 84 x 65 mm

- Vertical Battery Dimensions: 345 x 65 x 84 mm

PowerTube 625 Smart System

- Horizontal Battery Dimensions: 415 x 84 x 65 mm

- Vertical Battery Dimensions: 415 x 65 x 84 mm

PowerTube 750 Smart System

- Horizontal Battery Dimensions: 484 x 84 x 65 mm

- Vertical Battery Dimensions: 484 x 65 x 84 mm

Bosch distinguishes between these two batteries through product codes. Batteries ending with "X" are horizontally mounted, while those ending with "W" are vertically mounted. However, it's important to note that this differentiation method is exclusive to PowerTube batteries; Bosch's other battery products do not employ this approach.

3. How to Find This Battery Information:

To find this battery information, users can open the Bosch motor management system on their bikes, navigate to the settings page, select "My eBike," then click on "Components." Scrolling down, they'll find the PowerTube and its corresponding code, allowing them to read the relevant information.

In updated Bosch systems, users can directly determine whether their battery is "horizontally" or "vertically" mounted through the menu. Alternatively, users can use a smartphone app. By clicking "My eBike," they can access relevant battery information.

4. Avoid Ordering the Wrong Parts If the Battery Fails:

Under normal riding conditions, your electric bike, whether equipped with a horizontally or vertically mounted battery, should be reliable. However, in the event of a battery failure or replacement need, failing to notice the differences between these two batteries could result in ordering the wrong parts, wasting time and money.

By being mindful of these distinctions, eBike owners can ensure they purchase the correct replacement parts, thus maintaining the optimal performance of their electric bikes.

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